The Discovery Realty provides services for buyers and selleres

For buyers we offer following services:

FREE HOME INSPECTION. Every home needs to be checked different problems which are sometimes hidden from the sight of typical real estate professional. Having a detailed home inspection done before making a decision to purchase is crucial first step in any real estate transaction A pre-sales home inspection will insure that there are no unpleasant surprises in the future, saving time and money by avoiding expensive unexpected repairs.

FREE MORTGAGE PRE-QUALIFICATION ASSISTANCE. Why spend hours on your own filling out tons of confusing or redundant paperwork, and why spend money even before you are able to make a purchase? Our service offers free mortgage approval assistance done by professional who will meet with you in our office.

FREE LAWYER ADVICE. Our goal is to make home buying experience as easy as possible. That’s why we have team of lawyers available to answer all your initial questions. Our lawyers are also ready to provide legal services to ensure your safe purchase or sale by checking all the property records, title searches, and various related legal statutes and requirements.

HELP WITH REHAB / REMODELING. We’ll show you how to make good investment in the future by analyzing prospects of upgrades, remodeling and additions.

For seller we offer following services:

MOST COMPREHENSIVE MARKET ANALYSIS. We’ll find you the best price for your property. Our experienced team will show you properties recently sold in your area and present a market basis for your property’s value.

PROFESSIONAL RADIO AND PRESS ADVERTISING. We’ll advertise the property in Polish and American radio, newspapers and the Internet.

OPEN HOUSE PRESENTATION. Including brochures, DVDs, slideshows. All information will be available immediately to prospective buyers, and all questions will be answered on the spot.

HELP WITH CONTINGENCIES AND DISCLOSURES. We know how to avoid unexpected problems before potential buyers show up at the property. For example, we will advise you to make minor corrections or improvements that will maximize your profit.

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