Don't be a victim of HOME REPAIR FRAUD!

Every year thousands of Chicagoans become victims of Home Repair con artists. Here are some ways for you to protect yourself:

  • Never do business with telemarketers or door-to-door salesmen
  • Get bids from 3 contractors
  • If the contract is signed outside the contractor's office you have
    3 business days to cancel the contract and receive a refund
  • The contract should identify who obtains the building permits
    and who cleans the site
  • Amend the contract with a change order if the project changes
    after work begins
  • Don't sign any papers, such as waivers or lien, or pay the final bill until the work is done
  • Plumbers and electricians must be professionally licensed

Hire only contractors with valid home repair licenses. To verify that a contractor is licensed, call the Department of Consumer Services at (312)774-9400, TTY: (312)744-9385 for the hearing impaired.

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